What is it?

Ethereum Gas Station API is an API wrapper for the pricing data on Ethereum Gas Station. It allows your dApp to know how much to charge to get transactions through. 

Why use it?

If you charge too little, your users' transactions won't go through at all. Charge too much, and your dApp will be no fun to play. 
We help you to strike the balance with current pricing data from Ethereum Gas Station. Stop telling your users to go to ethgasstation.info and asking them to look up the price themselves!

  • Written by some guy named Aaron
  • A practical application of WebAPI in a .NET Core project
  • Call the appropriate API method to get the correct gas price, in wei, to pass to MetaMask.
Charging the right price can help you strike the balance between making users happy with fast transactions and keeping your dApp affordable enough to use.

An Excellent API For


Accurate pricing information saves your customers money.


EthGasStationAPI.com allows your customers the option to pay more and get transactions through fast.


EthGasStationAPI.com is easy to call, easy to parse, and easy to use.


We try to be open 25 hours a day and 8 days a week.

What URLs Should I Use?

I couldn't ask you to use my API without giving you the URLs, right?

For the Low price, use:


For the Standard price, use:


For the Fast price, use: